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KBAD Seeks Input from Members on our Future

KBAD needs to hear from you

Your input is needed as we move to new organizing strategies to serve our community and work to win elections

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic ​is forcing​ ​Democrats​ to shift the way ​we organize. For

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Guest Editorial: Transition is Hard

Guest Editorial

Transition is Hard: This too shall pass

Houston — 2019

Nitrogen dioxide, represented by color density on the maps, is shown to be in remarkably lower concentrations over cities including Houston, New York and Chicago. Satellite images, provided

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KBAD Live: The Chair Interview

KBAD Live: The One-Question Podcast

Why are local politics important?

In this episode of the KBAD Live podcast, host Rick Austin chats with Hays County Democratic Party chair Donna Haschke about why it is critical to get involved in local

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Be a 2020 Democratic Primary Voter

2020 Dem Primary Voter

Are you ready to vote in Hays County?

Countywide Polling Sites

There were big changes to elections in Hays County in 2019.

Now you can vote at any polling site on Election Day. In the past, voters had to vote

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Complaining won’t save Democracy

image that reads Complaining won't save democracy

Complaining won't save Democracy

When January 1, 2020 arrives, we have less than eight weeks until early voting in the Texas primary election starts. After the primary, there will just be a few months before Election Day on Nov. 3

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Be a KBAD Volunteer Superhero

image of superheroes as volunteers

KBAD seeks volunteers for 2020

Volunteers Assemble!

When January 1, 2020 arrives, we have less than eight weeks until early voting in the primary starts. And then we will have just a few months to reactivate our voters to gear

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