Voter ID

Frequently Asked Questions for voting in Texas

What are the important deadlines for voting in the November 2018 general election?

  • Oct. 9
    Last day to register to vote.
  • Oct. 22
    First day of early voting.
  • Oct. 26
    Last day to apply for ballot by mail.
  • Nov. 2
    Last day to early vote.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 6
    Election Day

What kind of identification card do I need?

Before you go to vote, bring one of the following items to your polling place:

  • TX Driver’s License issued by the Department of Public Safety
  • TX Personal ID card issued by the Department of Public Safety
  • TX concealed handgun license issued by the Department of Public Safety
  • TX Election ID Certificate issued by the Department of Public Safety
  • US military ID card with your photo
  • US Certificate of Citizenship or US Certificate of Naturalization with your photo
  • US passport book or card

These photo IDs must be current or have expired no more than 4 years before you vote.

What if I don't have an ID?

If you don’t have one of the accepted IDs, you can get a free Election ID Certificate from your nearest Department of Public Safety Office, or at one of the Secretary of State’s mobile ID stations.

In order to get a free Election ID Certificate, you’ll need to bring documentation with you to verify your identity and to show that you are a U.S. citizen. Most people need an original birth certificate plus two supporting documents.

If you don’t have your birth certificate, you can get one from a Vital Records Office for free (if you go in person and tell them you need a birth certificate for voting), or online for $22.

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