Kyle/Buda Area Precincts

New Hays County Precincts as of January 2022

There have been many changes to Hays County voting precincts in Buda and Kyle. Some precincts have been completely deleted. Others are new and have been carved out of old precincts that have been reduced in size. And still, other precincts are similar to their old boundaries but have new precinct numbers. There are many vacancies for precinct chairs. We have a lot of work to do to help the county party recruit new precinct chairs to help with its outreach efforts.

Use this link to see a directory of precinct chairs on the Hays County Democratic Party website.

Use this link to use a Precinct Finder Tool on the Hays County Democratic Party website that will lets you find your precinct by entering in your street address.

View the full Hays County Voting Precinct Map and individual precinct maps at this link.

Hays County Democratic Party  Chair


Mountain City

425 (Mountain City, Indian Hills) — Vacant (Apply to Serve)


134 (Niederwald) — Vacant (Apply to Serve)

San Marcos

371 (Blanco Vista) — Dalila Delgado-Aguilar


Learn about areas where you can help

Check out our presentation to learn about areas where we have precinct chairs and where there are opportunities to get involved in the outreach efforts of the Hays County Democratic Party.

What is a Precinct Chair?

Precincts, which are the smallest official political subdivisions, are the primary way candidates and parties target groups of voters to turn out for elections. The Hays County Democratic Party is working to provide a precinct chair to represent all parts of the county to engage the many people who are moving into our neighborhoods.

The precinct chairs also make decisions on the direction of the party at the monthly County Executive Committee (CEC) meetings. They help decide matters that affect your county party such as setting the priorities and the direction of the county party’s get-out-the-vote efforts. Precinct chairs have direct input into what the county party does to win elections.

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