Candidate Q&A – Marc McKinney – District 4, Kyle City Council

Describe your community involvement in Kyle.
I've played a varying role with several Veteran's organizations. I host a Christmas Party for Plum Creek every year with an annual toy drive benefiting KLEA (shameless plug: bring an unwrapped toy to Railhouse on 12/2 after 8:00). I've actively raised money for Hays Caldwell Women's Center and Hays County Food Bank for more than half a decade. Ultimately, I'm trying to make the most impact I can with the resources I have available.
What is your favorite thing about living in Kyle?
Unquestionably, it's the people. I've gotten to know so many people through this process and there are so many unique and interesting stories; and yet we all have so much in common. It's impossible to not hold a special place in my heart for every one of my neighbors.
Many voters are concerned about the future of Kyle. Generally, what kind of place do you want to see Kyle be in 5 years? 10? 20?
To be effective, we must address, not only our current needs, but also those of the future. Ideally, 5, 10, and 20 years from now; our problems are relatively minor because we've solved them before they even existed. One of the biggest frustrations about government is how slow it moves sometimes. So much of the next 5 years is already laid out. I've attended almost every council meeting for the last two years. I pay attention and I ask questions. I already see the path the current and previous council has put us down. My goal going forward is to make our infrastructure match our growth. I want us all to spend more time with our families and less time sitting in traffic. I want to bring more quality retail establishments here. Doing so will have a combined effect of reducing traffic on our roads and increasing our retail sales tax receipts. This would decrease our heavy reliance on property taxes, lessening the likelihood of our most vulnerable residents being taxed out of their homes. I would love to see a local, thriving, business environment that satisfies the majority of our needs. Currently, we have to travel outside the city to satisfy far too many of our needs. I envision a city that's easily traversable, and provides almost everything we need, without having to venture beyond our borders.
This has been one of the hottest, driest summers on record. Kyle has had to buy water from San Marcos two years in a row. How should Kyle address the city's immediate and long-term water needs?
Water conservation has been a huge focus of mine since before my previous run. I've been aware of how limited our water resources were and have been pushing for several years to develop a plan to maximize our aquatic efficiency. This problem is bigger than our city. We have additional pipelines coming to fruition soon, but that's a band aid on a bigger problem. Tapping into more water resources is akin to putting more straws into the same glass. At some point we have to look further. This year, we have Prop 6 on the ballot. It provides state funding for counties and municipalities to update their water infrastructure. It also funds projects to improve access to more water resources. This is a critical first step. From there we need to further develop recycling opportunities to maximize our water efficiency.
To say that Kyle is growing quickly is an understatement. Do you have any concerns about this growth, and what can be done to minimize any negative impacts new homes and businesses may have on our infrastructure and community?
Our unimaginable growth has created MANY areas of concern. We've significantly outpaced our infrastructure in many ways. The liability for this overutilization should have been pinned to the developers that caused the problem in the first place; and must be placed on future development as it arises. Expecting residents to carry the burden of expansion is unreasonable, but unfortunately, a reality. We have to prepare NOW for the infrastructure needs for the next decade and beyond. The longer we wait, the more it will cost us. All future development must carry the burden of the impact it has on our community, or it should not be allowed to go forward. It's a privilege to come to Kyle, and any residential or business development wanting to come here, needs to add to our community, not detract from it.
What is your position on book banning and efforts to limit access to some books in the public library?
I've never heard of a mind hindered by having more access to information. I will never be ok with restricting access to literature, under any circumstances. Minds are meant to be opened, not pre-emptively shut.
How can the city work to make sure that currently underserved communities do not continue to be underserved?
Avoiding urban decay, while staving off gentrification is an incredibly tough balance. The city needs to provide access to resources that will allow current residents to properly maintain their residences. We must also identify areas where outside investment can revitalize existing neighborhoods. It ultimately comes down to what the land owner wants to do with their property. We need to be prepared to support them, for the betterment of all.
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Marc McKinney

How can voters contact you?

In a few sentences, tell us about your background. Include in your answer information about your education, employment, and leadership experience.

I'm a lifelong Texas resident. Immediately after graduating from Sulphur Springs High School, I attended Stephen F Austin State University, where I triple majored in Biology, Psychology, and Business Administration, with a Chemistry minor. I worked my way through college working Inpatient Psych, mostly caring for children and adolescents. The successful suicide attempt of a favorite patient led to a professional change. I've since made a career of taking over underperforming businesses and implementing processes and procedures to improve success and make them profitable.
Everywhere I've gone, I've gotten involved with non-profits that work with healthcare, veterans, and animal rights; focusing on the fundraising side. My philosophy is to leave the world a little bit better with everything I do.

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