Kyle & Buda City Council Candidate Q&A’s, November 2021

Kyle and Buda voters have several candidates running for city council seats to consider when heading to the polls for the November 2, 2021 elections.

There are contested city council elections in Kyle and one in Buda. In Kyle, the District 5 city council seat has four candidates running, including Leah Kaufman, Rick Koch (incumbent), Daniela Parsley and Donny Wills. In District 6, Michael Tobias is unopposed. In the At-Large Position 3 seat on Buda City Council there are three candidates running for an open race. The candidates are LaVonia Horne-Williams, Emily Jones and Virginia Jurika. In Buda's District A, Paul Daugereau is running for reelection unopposed.

Kyle/Buda-Area Democrats sent questionnaires to all candidates to learn about their backgrounds and their positions on important issues in our communities.

In Kyle, Leah Kaufman, Donny Wills and Michael Tobias replied. In Buda, LaVonia Horne-Williams and Emily Jones replied. We have not received responses from Daugereau, Jurika, Koch, or Parsley.

Kyle & Buda City Council District Maps

Review the maps of the single-member districts to see what district you live in. In Kyle, District 5 is an at-large seat, meaning it covers the entire city and anyone who lives in the city limits can vote in this election. District 6, is a single-member district that covers an area in the northeast portion of the city.

In Buda, the city has a plan to transition to single-member districts as the population increases. In Buda, Places 2, 4, and 6 have already transferred to single-member districts. In Places 1, 3 and 5, these remain at-large positions, meaning that they cover the entire city and are elected by anyone who lives within the city limits.

Kyle City Council single-member districts

Buda City Council  Places 2, 4, & 6 (A, B, C)

KBAD currently does not make endorsements in local races, but we encourage area Democrats to learn about these candidates to decide which ones will best advocate for Democratic values in these important leadership roles.

Election Day is Nov. 2, and early voting will occur on Oct. 18 – Oct. 29. See printable lists of the early voting and Election Day voting locations and times at the links below.

The new countywide polling system allows registered voters to cast a ballot at any Hays County vote center, regardless of the precinct in which they live.

Printable Voting Location List

Printable Early and Election Day Voting Locations List (English)

Voting Location Maps

Early Voting Locations Google Map

Election Day Voting Locations Google Map