KBAD Candidate Reports March Primary 2024

Below you can download copies of the KBAD Candidate Committee's Reports on candidates running in the March 2024 Primary in Hays County.

These reports represent three months of work by the seven person all-volunteer committee chaired by Deborah Chavez. Producing these reports was a tremendous undertaking with many hours of tedious work searching through social media, news reports, and financial disclosures. The reports were then approved by the KBAD board and sent to candidates to give them an opportunity to dispute any portions or make corrections. No candidates have objected to any of the information in the reports below.

The goal of these reports is to provide factual information on the partisan histories of candidates running in the primary. Once all information was gathered the committee determined if they believed the candidates held Democratic values or not. These reports do NOT represent endorsements. These reports are one way among others that the club pursues its Voter Education mission.

Some decisions were made to limit the scope of the reports in order to make the best use of the time the committee had. You will notice that the HD 45 race is absent - the committee opted to focus their time on downballot races where voters were less likely to have candidate information. The reports also only cover the past few years of political activity due to the time it takes to research each candidate.

We hope the reports below contribute to your knowledge of the candidates. We look forward to continuing candidate research in future elections.

Candidate Reports

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