Genest’s Why

These are Genest's reasons for joining the Democratic Party.

Genest’s Why

Genest Harding

I was born in 1947 in San Angelo a - post-war Baby Bummer. As a young child, I was aware of my parents taking an interest in making our streets and lakes safer. As I remember they organized a group to get the “Truck Route” off our neighborhood street. We lived on Van Buren which had become heavily traveled by 18 wheelers hauling commercial goods on our street. I listened and saw how they gathered others in the area and went to the city council over and over until they finally got the route changed away from our neighborhood to roads outside of neighborhoods. So in watching them make government work for them, I was all eyes and ears. My Dad went on to be elected State Representative. We all helped Daddy block walk, put up signs, go to political rallies, and numerous activities revolving around becoming politically active.

Of course, then came the Vietnam War, with many of my schoolmates were being drafted to fight in this war. As a young person I was very against the war, and watched how young people became involved in protesting against the war as we watched in horror night after night, our young men wounded, dying coming home in body bags and civilians, women and children wounded, killed and their homes burned, just one atrocity after another.

I again saw how as Americans we could really impact our government truly being “we the people, by the people”. I was hooked. I wanted to be involved. I was interested in civil rights, human rights, equal rights, leading to becoming a Registered Nurse with an interest in social issues, social consciousness issues. The Democratic Party most encompassed my values of civil rights, human rights and working toward a “common good” not just is good for me, but good for all. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, those pushed out simply based on the pigment of their skin, believing in what I was actually saying when I said the Pledge of Allegiance:

"I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. I believe in “justice for all” to my core, it is in my DNA and I believe I have worked toward this end in my life, my spiritual life and public life trying to stand up for these beliefs when I see injustice and hate speak up. I feel the Democratic Party best encompasses my core values, beliefs, and social consciousness the best. Now it is my responsibility to live up to these values in my everyday life where the rubber meets the road.

My slogan I keep close to my chest: I am a Liberal/Progressive because greed, hate, and fear don’t work for me. So in answer to the question why I’m a life long Democrat: integrity from our elected officials, human rights, civil rights, environmental protection, voting rights, health care is a human right, and so I’m thrilled to find this KBAD site where I can express my views freely. From An Old Yellow Dog Democrat.

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