LaVonia Horne-Williams – Buda City Council Runoff Candidate, December 2021

What can be done to ensure builders are paying their fair share so the infrastructure is done right when they build in Buda?

To ensure builders are paying their fair share so the infrastructure is done right when they build in Buda, we must have the right people at the table for the initial discussions. The decision makers have to be equipped with the right information and strategies to collaborate and achieve the best outcome for Buda.

What are your thoughts about Buda's affordable housing situation? If more is needed, how would you provide for it?

The growing need for affordable housing is an issue for Central Texas as a whole. Currently Buda is experiencing a shortage of land to build on. Due to the high demand for housing, builders are finding it difficult to build fast enough and at an affordable price point. Land prices are one of the big factors that is making it difficult to provide affordability.

Law enforcement is one of the largest expenses in the city’s budget. What are your thoughts about the size of Buda's police force and if they are being deployed adequately and appropriately?

Law enforcement is usually one of the largest expenses for most city budgets. I recall when Buda fought to have it's own police department because we envisioned future challenges as we grew from a small town community to a small city. In my opinion, I see our police department growing to address the rising issues facing our community. I see the need for Buda PD having its own dispatching services to improve deployment of officers, the need for an additional officer to help support the community based policing which improves relationships between the community and officers, and a crime analyst to support the departmental needs of processing and synthesizing data.

The Buda Police Department rarely uses cite and release for non-violent, low-level offenses. Do you support the adoption of a cite and release ordinance to reduce needless jailing?

The Buda Police Department follows the current regulation for cite and release based on eligible offenses. Here are the eligible offenses for cite and release:

  1. Class C misdemeanors other than public intoxication, assault, or family violence.
  2. Possession of Marijuana less than 4 oz, Class A or Class B misdemeanor
  3. Driving while License Invalid, Class B misdemeanor
  4. Criminal Mischief, Class B misdemeanor
  5. Graffiti, Class A or Class B misdemeanor
  6. Theft of Property, Class B or C misdemeanor
  7. Theft of Services, Class B or C misdemeanor

Additionally, an arrest will be made instead for the following reasons:

  1. If the person does not live in Hays County
  2. Is at risk of harm to themselves or others
  3. Is unwilling to provide proper identification
  4. If they have an outstanding warrant (i.e Failure to Appear on another charge)
  5. if they are suspected of another crime that doesn’t qualify for cite and release

I do support a cite and release ordinance that would mitigate profiling and arrests for low-level offenses.

What should the city council do to support local businesses?

The City Council should shop local, eat local and work to partner with its Economic Development Board. Working together to ensure we provide the very best in small business training, new development exploration and small business expansion opportunities for both new and existing businesses in Buda.

The City of Buda currently has no one who lives on the east side serving on City Council. Did you support the city's move to single-member districts in 2017 and will you support moving to full use of single-member districts when the city population hits 25,000? Please explain.

As a resident of Bradfield Village, yes I supported the city's move to single-member districts in 2017 as a member of the City Charter Committee. In November 2017, voters approved an amendment to the City Charter for the City of Buda to transition to single-member districts. Buda City Council Places 2, 4, and 6 were the first to switch from at-large to single-member districts. The remaining three Places 1, 3, and 5 will move to single-member districts next.

I will support moving to full use of single-member districts when the city population hits 25,000 as set forth in the adopted Charter.

What is your stance on each of the bond proposals on the November ballot for Buda voters?

Speaking with residents, I hear how we have bumpy roads, potholes, bad sidewalks, flooding, etc. They want to have these issues resolved and continue our quality of life we've come to enjoy here in Buda. For those reasons, I am in support of Proposition A as it will provide much needed improvements to streets, roads, bridges/intersections, and other improvements including related utility relocation, sidewalks, pedestrian & bicycle improvements, purchase of necessary rights-of-way, design & management costs, required equipment, and drainage. All of these things are needed for our City to sustain development and growth.

As a 21 year resident of Buda, I have come to love the natural beauty and walkability of our city. From the days of walking my children from Buda Elementary (lower campus) to the local market that is now Brooklyn's to enjoying sidewalks that take you all the way downtown Buda safely, we have to ensure future generations also get to enjoy what has kept most of us here over the years. We have a unique and beautiful city that provides a quaint but historic view of the quiet life. For those reasons, I am in support of Proposition B as it will provide funding for land acquisition, design costs, required equipment and related drainage for future parks and trails.

How well is Buda planning for the future in general? What improvements would you suggest?

In my opinion, I think Buda is doing well at planning for the future but there is always room for improvement. I would like to see our City government do the following: 

  1. Support comprehensive and integrated strategies to build inclusive communities with diverse cultures.
  2. Adopt transformational policies that support interconnectivity of governance, culture and quality of life.
  3. Obtaining additional transportation options through partnerships with Capital Metro and TxDOT to take more commuter cars off the road.

What are you willing to do to maintain an open dialog with your constituents?

I'm committed to keeping an open mind, actively listening to questions and concerns and following through with action items to gain resolutions when needed.

LaVonia Horne-Williams


LaVonia Horne-Williams

How can voters contact you?

Describe your educational background

Associates in Paralegal Studies; Bachelor of Arts-Philosophy; Master of Arts -Legal Studies; Certified Texas Contract Manager

Describe your relevant employment background

State Government (9 years - DPS/TxDOT); Local Government (6 years- City of Austin); Workforce Solutions Alamo (1 1/2 years

Describe your leadership experience background

  • I have more than 20 years of experience in managing teams, operations, and personnel at the local, state government and private industry levels. I am a strong leader with critical thinking skills, ability to set clear and measurable goals, managing conflict resolution, and motivating others. I possess comprehensive knowledge of construction management, competitive bidding, contract development and management, contract compliance, fiscal management, and federal/state regulations related to minority programs. I am results-oriented with an excellent track record for identifying opportunities to collaborate with others. 

Describe your community involvement in Kyle

  • My community involvement includes: HOA Board for Bradfield Village, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Volunteer (2009-2019), Historic Preservation Commissioner (2016-2018), City of Buda Charter Committee Member(2017), City of Buda Human Services Grant Committee Member (2019-2021), Buda Economic Development Corporation Director (Secretary/Treasurer)(2019-current); Buda Police Foundation Board Secretary (2021); provided support for Buda's Black History Celebration (2021); and organized Buda's 2nd annual Juneteenth Celebration (2021). 

Horne-Williams is running for Position 3 on the Buda City Council, which is an at-large seat.

​In November 2017, voters approved an amendment to the City Charter for the City of Buda to transition to single-member districts. Buda City Council Places 2, 4, and 6 will be the first to switch from at-large to single-member districts. These Places are now assigned as District A (Place 4), District B (Place 6), and District C (Place 2).

​​In June 2018, Council approved the district boundary lines for Districts A, B, and C. These single-member districts will be used as boundaries for electing City Councilmembers beginning with the November 2018 Election.

Runoff Voting Locations and Hours of Operation

Printable Voting Location List

Printable Early and Election Day Voting Locations List (English)

Voting Locations

  • Kyle City Hall (100 West Center Street)
  • Hays County Precinct 2 Office (5458 FM 2770)
  • Buda City Hall (405 East Loop Street, Building 100, Classroom adjacent to library)

Early Voting: November 22 (Monday) — December 3 (Friday)

  • November 22 (Monday) — November 24 (Wednesday); Polls open 8 a.m. — 5 p.m. 
  • November 25 (Thursday) — November 26 (Friday); Polls closed for Thanksgiving 
  • November 27 (Saturday) — November 28 (Sunday); Polls open 12 p.m. — 4 p.m. 
  • November 29 (Monday) — December 1 (Wednesday); 8 a.m. — 5 p.m.
  • December 2 (Thursday) — December 3 (Friday); 7 a.m. — 7 p.m.

Election Day, Dec. 7: Polls open 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.