Candidate Q&A – Cynthia Millonzi – Tax Assessor-Collector

What’s your favorite place in Hays County?

The Blanco River. It is beautiful and serene, yet it can be quite powerful. I have a friend who lives on the Blanco in Wimberley and have been given the opportunity to experience the serenity and the power of the Blano first-hand.

What’s your history of supporting Democratic organizations prior to your run for office?

I have been a Democrat since I registered to vote at 18 years old. I spent the majority of my adult life in the military and voted by mail from wherever I was stationed in the world. My military career did not lend itself to specific organizations but my voting record speaks to my commitment to our democracy and the democratic values. Once retired, I settled in Wimberley and became active with Wimberley Indivisible and Wimberley Democrats.

Have you ever donated and/or voted for a Republican? If so, why and to whom?

I have never donated to a Republican candidate or organization. I voted once for a Republican candidate because I had information that the individual running as democrat was a republican running on the democratic ticket. In this particular instance the individual running on the Republican ticket was the more moderate choice. I respectfully will not name the individual as they currently serve, and I would not want to undermine their position.

What is your biggest liability or weakness as a candidate, and what is your response to people who may hold that against you?

My candor and intolerance for incompetence. I would say to those that hold it against me that I have ambitious standards for myself and for others and that is a good thing. Pushing for exceptional performance and outcomes, having ambitious standards, and being able to professionally articulate when standards are not being met, can be positive and productive.

At the discretion of the Tax Assessor-Collector, unpaid tolls may prevent people from renewing their license. It’s been reported that Texas tolling agencies like TxTag erroneously bill. If elected, how would you address the tolling crises?

Although I do not have decision-making authority for another agency, I would certainly take the lead in acting. I would start by assessing the concern by reviewing laws, statues, and authorities. I would review current policies and procedures and identify key decision makers across the various agencies and call for a multi-agency review. In the end, if the authority for an independent decision lies with the Tax Assessor-Collector, I will make the decision in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and in the best interest of the County and its constituents.

How do you feel about abortion access? How will you support women on this issue?

I am pro-choice and passionately believe in women’s right to choose. I will support organizations and legislation that support pro-choice with my time and resources.

What Democratic values will you apply to your work once elected?

Our government was constructed on a foundation of ethical principles and values. Values matter in how we govern and how we treat each other. Value-based leadership is my touchstone and I have conducted my personal and professional life based on the values instilled in me by my parents and the military.

These are the values I lived and practiced in my career and will continue to do so once elected.

Loyalty - Loyalty is a two-way exchange: leaders earn loyalty and subordinates expect loyalty in return. Leaders earn subordinates’ loyalty by training them well and treating them fairly. Subordinates demonstrate loyalty by working hard for their leaders and being as good as they can be at their jobs. Loyalty and trust enable the successful day-to-day operations of all organizations.

Duty - Fulfill your obligations and always do your best. Leaders take responsibility for their actions and those of their subordinates.

Respect - Treat people as they should be treated. All people have dignity and worth and must be treated with respect. Leaders should consistently foster a climate that treats everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, creed, or religious belief.

Selfless-Service - Selfless service means doing what is right for the organization, and subordinates. Selfless leaders aspire to attain organizational goals for the greater good, beyond their own interests and benefits.

Honor - Living honorably sets an example for every member of the organization and contributes to an organization’s positive climate and morale. How leaders conduct themselves and meet their obligations to the mission, other people, and the organization defines them as people and leaders of character.

Integrity - Do what is right, legally, and morally. Leaders of integrity consistently follow honorable principles. Leaders of integrity do the right thing because their character permits nothing less.

Personal Courage - Face fear, danger, or adversity (physical and moral). Personal courage is not the absence of fear; it is the ability to put fear aside and do what is necessary or right. Moral courage is the willingness to stand firm on values, principles, and convictions. Moral courage also expresses itself as candor—being frank, honest, and sincere with others.

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