Candidate Q&A – Alex Villalobos – Sheriff

What’s your favorite place in Hays County?

My most favorite place in Hays County is my home in Kyle, Texas, where Jamie and I have raised our children.  We have made many wonderful memories, it's where I feel safe and spend most of my free time away from work.

What’s your history of supporting Democratic organizations prior to your run for office?

I have had the pleasure of running several successful campaigns including my own primary, where I became the Democratic nominee for Hays County Sheriff.  I have been an active member of the Democratic Party in Hays County, elected as precinct chair.  I have active, paid memberships of several Democratic Clubs.

Have you ever donated and/or voted for a Republican? If so, why and to whom?

Yes, I voted for Bill Henry, he was the only candidate with criminal court experience and through action, supported democratic values.

What is the appropriate level of police staffing, and how much oversight should the Sheriff exercise?

Prioritizing community engagement, crime prevention, and de-escalation tactics over simply increasing officer numbers is paramount. Best practices, endorsed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), advocate a holistic approach to public safety, transcending traditional policing methods. This involves investing in community policing initiatives, fostering trust through outreach programs, cultural competency training for officers, and implementing civilian oversight boards to address root causes of crime. Additionally, resource allocation and staff increases should be data-driven, with resources focused on areas with high crime rates and community-specific concerns, while also supporting mental health and social services. Robust oversight mechanisms, including independent review boards, regular audits, and transparent complaint procedures, are crucial to ensure accountability and strengthen trust in law enforcement. By emphasizing ongoing training in de-escalation techniques, implicit bias awareness, and crisis intervention, officers can effectively handle diverse situations, minimize unnecessary use of force and improve community relations. Collaboration with various stakeholders, including community organizations and mental health professionals, further enhances public safety and well-being. In conclusion, a comprehensive approach to policing that emphasizes community engagement, data-driven decision-making, accountability, and collaboration with stakeholders is essential for the Sheriff's office to effectively serve our community.

What would your low-level marijuana offense position be once elected?

Our approach to low-level marijuana offenses will prioritize diversion programs, community service, and education, aligning with the best modern practices. We will aim to reduce unnecessary incarcerations, address underlying issues, and alleviate jail overcrowding.

How can the Sheriff’s office address the Fentanyl crisis

By integrating mental health perspectives into our approach, we can better address the root causes of the Fentanyl crisis and support those impacted. The Fentanyl crisis requires a holistic approach, including mental health considerations. As Sheriff, we'll prioritize:

SUPPORT: Providing mental health resources and counseling for individuals affected by Fentanyl addiction, addressing underlying issues.

TRAINING: Equipping law enforcement officers with crisis intervention training to effectively respond to mental health-related incidents and Investigative skills and techniques to identify drug abuse cases.

COLLABORATION: Partnering with mental health professionals and community organizations to offer comprehensive support to those in need.

PREVENTION: Promoting mental wellness and resilience in our communities to prevent substance abuse and addiction.  Use data driven practices to understand trends to educate both our staff and community.

By integrating mental health perspectives into our approach, we can better address the root causes of drug abuse and support those impacted.

How do you feel about abortion access? How will you support women on this issue?

My personal beliefs about abortion access are informed by both democratic principles and the teachings of my religious beliefs. While I may personally hold pro-choice views, as Sheriff in a democratic society, I am committed to upholding the law and respecting the rights and freedoms of all individuals, regardless of their beliefs. Where I can, I will support access to resources, education and healthcare.

What Democratic values will you apply to your work once elected?  

Once elected, I will uphold Democratic values such as equality, justice, and opportunity for all. My work will be guided by principles of inclusivity, fairness, and compassion, ensuring that every member of our community has a voice and the opportunity to thrive. I will prioritize policies that promote social and economic equality, protect civil liberties, and address systemic injustices. Together, we will build a more equitable and prosperous future for everyone.


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