Be a Proud, Visible Democrat

Let other Dems know their vote WILL make a difference.

NOTE: This text is derived from the KBAD chair’s report at the September 20, 2018, meeting.

Good news! Beto is up in the polls — or is he down? Don’t be fooled: Polls don’t matter. The only thing that matters is that we mobilize our voters to actually VOTE.

When discussing Beto’s Senate race this morning, commentators on MSNBC repeated the myth that Texas is a red state, but we know better. Texas is a nonvoting state — and Republicans have been the beneficiary of that trend because they have been more successful in getting their base to actually vote.

An article in the Washington Post identified Texas as tied for last in voter turnout for midterm elections with only 30 percent of registered voters casting a ballot, on average (data from 2006, 2010 and 2014 midterm elections). Texas tied with Washington, D.C., a federal district — not a state — that lacks congressional representation. So as many Texans voted in an election for their own congressional representatives as a district that didn’t even have any congressional races on the ballot. In the last midterms in 2014, only 28 percent of registered voters in Texas actually voted.

Texans, especially Texas Democrats, are allowing only 28 percent of the state to determine their representation at all levels of government and in the courts. Who elected Ted Cruz and John Cornyn? Who elected Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton? Only a small majority of that 28 percent.

Think of what we could change with more Democratic participation. We could elect officials who would

  • make voter registration and voting itself easier
  • accept Medicaid expansion so more Texans would have their health-care needs covered
  • support public schools and teachers
  • do a better job of protecting our environment
  • protect immigrants and asylum-seekers in our state
  • end gerrymandered districts and establish more fair divisions so we can elect our people who truly represent us
  • and so much more

We need to remind the Democratic voters we meet that Democrats are NOT the minority in this state — but they are the minority in elected offices and representation because the majority of Democrats fail to actually cast a vote at election time. We need to change that statistic with this election! (Continued below.)

Voting Locations

Perhaps some Democrats don't bother to vote because they think their vote won't count, because they believe the myth that Texas is a red state. The huge influx of people moving to the more metropolitan areas in our state (Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, etc.) have brought with them more possible Democratic voters. The rise of the youth vote has also increased the Democratic base. So Democratic votes DO count, but only if the people actually get off their butts and vote! Tell your like-minded friends that we need them, and take them to the polls with you.

KBAD members, local candidates and others in Hays County have been very busy and active with trying to reach voters through block walking. We realize block walking isn’t for everyone, however, so we have plenty of ways for people to volunteer. Our outreach chair, Lacy, and others are helping to organize texting and phone banking efforts, and some people have volunteered to help label materials we’re distributing, such as the door hangers featuring the entire Democratic slate from Beto on down. Another option is to mail materials to people in your precinct who might otherwise be hard to reach (those in gated communities, in neighborhoods with large lots, etc.). I am sending letters to Democratic voters in my precinct, including one geared toward newly registered voters, and I’m happy to personalize the letters for your precinct if you’d like to do the same.

We need to remind people of the upcoming election, provide them with educational materials so they know who to vote for — it’s amazing how many people aren’t paying attention — and assure them that their vote really does matter and that we are counting on them to help make a change for the better in November.

An easy way to reach possible voters is simply to wear your KBAD T-shirt or a candidate’s shirt around town as you shop, run errands or attend your child’s soccer games. It can be a great conversation starter, and you can promote KBAD or your favorite candidates along the way. It’s the same theme:


Be a proud, visible Democrat so people won’t think they’re alone and won’t fall for the myth of thinking they live in a red county or state and therefore that their vote won’t make a difference.


You can also display yard signs. I have signs of most of the Democratic candidates in my yard, and I live in a somewhat rural and conservative area. I haven’t experienced any vandalism or cross words; in fact, quite often people in cars will give me a thumbs up if I happen to see them while I’m walking to the street to check my mail.

KBAD has lots of events coming up that will make an impact with visibility, including the Founders Day parade in Kyle on October 13 and a KBAD–Hays County Tejano Democrats Town Hall Candidate Forum on October 23. More information will be coming for those and other events. Make sure you are signed up for our email newsletter so you’ll be in the know.

Be sure to visit our website for voting and candidate information as well as upcoming blog posts. If you’d like to write a post, let us know. You don’t have to consider yourself a writer — you can simply have passion and knowledge about a particular subject. Rumor is that we have an editor on staff who can help you.

With each new day, we get closer to election day — and we get closer to possibly ending the nightmare we’re currently experiencing at most levels of our government. But we need your help, and we need you to reach out to friends and neighbors and even strangers.

Be a proud, visible Democrat, and let people know that Democrats do live here and that Democratic votes will count — but only if they actually cast one.

— Diana Robinson
Chair, Kyle/Buda-Area Democrats


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