Shape KBAD's future!

Visioning Committee seeks input on new KBAD mission statement

In March, Kyle/Buda-Area Democrats convened an ad-hoc Visioning Committee to develop a mission statement that would clearly state the values and goals of our organization. The committee met several times to collaborate on a series of action statements that represent the objectives of our group.

Now we are seeking feedback from our members that will guide the Visioning Committee as it edits and refines this mission statement. We want our members to have a say in shaping this mission statement. We value your input as we work to make KBAD into an action-oriented organization focused on helping Democrats get elected to offices in Hays County and beyond. 

Please use the form linked below to review the draft version of the mission statement and let the committee know if you agree with the wording or if you have suggestions on how it can be improved. There is also an open-response option at the end to provide overall input or suggest something that you believe was left out.

Please give us your comments by April 15 and we will report back to you at the April  25 membership meeting. Thank you for helping us focus our efforts and activities.

Volunteers Needed for:

  • registering voters
  • advocacy and lobbying
  • organizing in-person and virtual events
  • running community service projects and building relationships with underserved residents
  • writing postcards to voters and editorials to local media outlets
  • hosting community training workshops
  • scouting locations for signs
  • helping with publicity, live-streamed events and social media

Read an excerpt of Politics is for Power using this link.