KBAD needs to hear from you

Your input is needed as we move to new organizing strategies to serve our community and work to win elections

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic ​is forcing​ ​Democrats​ to shift the way ​we organize. For the foreseeable future, there will be no door-knocking or in-person events. Most candidates, clubs and county parties will have to ​find new ways to reach voters where they are.

Kyle/Buda-Area Democrats (KBAD) needs your help as we chart a course for our future. The Texas Democratic Party recently announced that it will be shifting its organizing program to a service organization for the near future. Community service has always been at the heart of KBAD, and it is important that we live our values while so many people in our community are hurting right now. Lives, livelihoods and the future leadership of our country are at stake during this perilous time.

Each one of us has valuable knowledge, skills, and resources that we can use to support our community and our candidates in the November election. We hope that you will participate in KBAD's volunteer efforts as we adjust our organizing strategies.

Below are a few of the questions on our brief survey that will help guide the direction of KBAD for the foreseeable future.

  • What community efforts would you support as a volunteer?
  • What organizing efforts will you support as a volunteer?
  • What are your suggestions for how KBAD should serve the community?
  • What specific people do you know who are currently experiencing challenges related to the COVID-19 outbreak and the Stay Home–Work Safe orders?
  • What efforts should KBAD prioritize between now and the November general election?

We may need to reorganize or create new committees to meet these needs, so stay tuned as we report back the results to our members.

Texas Democratic Party Resources for Organizing During COVID-19


In light of COVID-19 developments, we are shifting our Organizing Program into an online service organization. Texas Democrats will not sit on the sidelines while our communities are left feeling scared, confused and isolated. We believe it’s important to live our values and be part of the solution. We will win in November, but right now lives are at stake and we need to be there for everyone.