KBAD Live: The One-Question Podcast

Why are local politics important?

In this episode of the KBAD Live podcast, host Rick Austin chats with Hays County Democratic Party chair Donna Haschke about why it is critical to get involved in local politics. Check out our new SoundCloud channel where we plan to feature conversations with our members and elected officials about Democrats' vision to reshape government to work for ALL residents of Hays County.

image of superheroes as volunteers

Volunteers Needed for:

  • voter registration
  • scouting locations for signs
  • organizing social events
  • reaching out to key groups (young people and Spanish-speaking people)
  • writing postcards
  • helping with data entry
  • publicity

Committee Members Needed for:

  • outreach
  • events
  • promotions
  • nominations
  • NEW! scholarships
  • NEW! endorsement procedures (exploratory)
  • NEW! voter registration
  • NEW! candidate development